Litchfield Cavo Obtains Defense Verdict for Garage Management Consultant

Massachusetts attorneys John J. Jarosak and Bethany P. Minich recently obtained a
defense verdict in favor of their client, LAZ Parking Limited, LLC, in a month-long trial
in the Suffolk County (Boston) Superior Court. The plaintiff was beaten and sexually
assaulted on May 1, 2009 in a parking garage which was part of a hotel/garage complex
in Boston. The plaintiff was alleging serious physical and emotional/psychological
injuries as a result of the sexual assault. She brought suit against the owner and
management company for the hotel/garage complex as well as Litchfield Cavo’s client, a
garage management consultant. The plaintiff obtained a jury verdict in her favor of $4
million against the co-defendants but the jury found no liability on the part of Litchfield
Cavo’s client. With statutory pre-judgment interest, the verdict against the co-defendants
exceeded $6.6 million.