Construction-related claims have become increasingly burdensome for contractors, property owners and the insurance carriers who cover them. The rising costs of injuries sustained by construction workers and the increasing frequency of property damage claims have threatened the economic viability of insuring construction projects.

At Litchfield Cavo LLP, we believe that cost containment and effective risk transfer are integral to any successful risk management strategy. To that end, we ensure that consistent, productive communication with clients guides the pre-emptive and litigation strategies that help us protect client interests.

Insurers and their insureds, large and small, rely on our firm's affordable excellence to prevent and prevail in construction litigation matters related to personal injury, wrongful death, property damage and construction defects. The following are among the construction-related insureds we typically defend:

  • General contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Material suppliers
  • Architects/designers
  • Company and property owners

Insured construction projects include single-family homes, multifamily projects and commercial and industrial facilities.

Our attorneys regularly pursue prosecution of indemnification claims on behalf of general contractors and their insurers against subcontractors and material suppliers. In addition, Litchfield Cavo represents employers as third-party defendants in construction-related claims. As with every case, our construction litigation defense demands thorough evaluation, document review, exploration of witnesses, hiring of reliable experts and development of effective litigation strategies.

Our experienced attorneys across the country have the skills and background necessary to manage all aspects of construction-related insurance claims, including developing processes that prevent liability and responding with persistent litigation. We are a trusted legal partner for our clients.

Our construction defense record

Our firm has a proven track record of success in defending a variety of clients against construction-related claims. Some of our successful cases include the following:

  • Obtained a summary judgment for a defendant municipality in a case involving street and sewer improvements alleged to have injured a pregnant mother and caused the death of her fetus.
  • Obtained a summary judgment on behalf of a Chicago high-rise building homeowner's association and building management company in a wrongful death case involving a worker's fatal fall from scaffolding erected for building repairs.
  • Obtained a summary judgment for a flooring contractor in a wrongful death case alleging failure to protect a floor opening in a building under construction.
  • Obtained a summary judgment in Madison County, Illinois on behalf of a general contractor in a case involving a worker's fall while erecting a building's structural steel.