Executive Liability

Corporate officers, directors and business entities often face breach of duty and fraud claims that threaten their livelihoods and reputations. Litchfield Cavo LLP’s team of experienced, driven attorneys defends these claims on behalf of insurers and self-insured companies across the United States.

Clients choose our firm because of our reputation for understanding client goals and for formulating innovative, cost-conscious strategies for achieving them. We provide confident representation that emphasizes client needs and priorities. Our trial attorneys have tried hundreds of cases and possess the knowledge and resources to assist clients in the most complex executive liability situations.

Shareholders, other investors, such as limited partners, and a variety of third parties target directors and officers for actions and inactions that they allege caused the plaintiffs' loss. We defend claims filed under common law theories, such as negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and claimed fraud, and we also protect client interests when plaintiffs take advantage of federal and state statutory remedies under securities law, civil rights law, environmental law, or food and drug law.

For the last several years, Travelers Property & Casualty Company has retained Litchfield Cavo to serve as its national helpline provider for certain professional liability matters.

Our executive liability defense record

Proven strategies yield proven results at Litchfield Cavo. Some examples of suits we have defended include the following:

  • The director of a savings and loan association who was sued by various entities after the institution failed.
  • A class action brought against the directors and officers of a major accounting firm by investors in certain ventures that failed, including the nationwide construction of refineries.
  • Directors of a law firm accused of breach of fiduciary duty and mismanagement by a former shareholder.
  • Directors of a major manufacturing company sued by its former president, who had been ousted.