First-Party Property

Litchfield Cavo LLP is, at its core, a law firm for insurance companies. Among the many detailed services we provide, we make certain that insurers reach thoroughly reasoned coverage decisions in first-party claims, then stand by them to defend those decisions in negotiation, arbitration and in court.

Through our insurance coverage practice, we represent numerous carriers in claims under an array of first-party policies throughout the United States. We have offices located across the country and our attorneys are admitted to practice in numerous additional states.

The firm's first-party practice includes:

  • Property damage claims under commercial and homeowner policies.
  • Claims for business losses, including for interruption, lost rent and intentional acts.
  • Bodily injury claims in connection with uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Legal liability under warehousemen's policies.
  • Property damage claims under builders risk policies.
  • Claims involving mold and fungi.

Our broad experience guides us in resolving complex and novel issues. Attorneys at the firm conduct thorough investigations of first-party claims, including examinations under oath, document retrieval and review, witness interviews and policy review to assist the insurer in determining coverage. Our review examines the possibility of fraudulent misrepresentation, exaggeration and material misrepresentation in the policy application.

If a policyholder disagrees with the coverage determination and files suit, our firm defends the action, through every viable avenue, until its conclusion.

Several of our coverage litigators are former in-house insurance counsel. As such, they share their wisdom to ensure that the entire firm understands and appreciates the needs and expectations of our insurer clients.