General Liability

At Litchfield Cavo LLP, our attorneys' quest for excellence has earned the firm a reputation among insurers, self-insured entities and the legal community as a premier general liability insurance defense firm.

When individuals and businesses rely on general liability coverage for protection in the face of personal injury claims, property damage or negligence, Litchfield Cavo attorneys ensure that they have powerful advocates at the litigation table.

Our attorneys across the country are well-equipped to defend all general liability claims, large or small, in an efficient and thorough manner that conserves clients' valuable resources.

Thorough, persistent defense

The firm enjoys a reputation for successfully litigating complex matters on behalf of insurance carriers, large corporations, financial institutions, regional businesses, municipalities, governmental entities and individuals. This reputation stems from substantial experience in an array of complex areas, including the following:

  • Personal injury defense. General contractors and subcontractors in construction depend on our attorneys for defense when non-employees have been injured or killed on a job site. We also defend negligence and wrongful death actions filed against owners and operators of personal and commercial vehicles and owners and tenants of residential and commercial property.
  • Property damage defense. Construction company insureds receive vigorous defense for property damage and construction defect claims. Likewise, commercial and residential property owners receive high-caliber property damage defense.
  • Business defense. Insured businesses and other entities sometimes face litigation alleging that negligent or insufficient training, supervision or hiring practices caused damage. They depend on our attorneys' valuable counsel to reach an appropriate resolution.
  • Personal torts. We defend businesses and individuals accused of wrongful conduct, including defamation (libel or slander), invasion of privacy, alleged violations of federal and state statutes relating to debt collection, telephone communications, or use of computers or confidential information. These accusations are frequently unfounded and we defend against them based on the facts, the law, and where appropriate, the United States Constitution.

Clients seek the firm's counsel because our attorneys' effective and professional representation consistently serves their litigation needs in state and federal courts and before administrative tribunals and arbitrators.

Our general liability record

Litchfield Cavo has a long list of successes in defending liability claims. Below is a small sample of our cases:

  • Achieved a defense verdict in a mass-flooding case in favor of two water supply companies that operate three dams controlling over 12 billion gallons of water.
  • Successfully defended an assisted living community against plaintiff’s claim that she fell and broke her hip because she did not receive sufficient assistance leaving her apartment during a mandated overnight fire drill.
  • Successfully defended a towing company in a catastrophic fire loss alleged by plaza owner and tenant. The combined compensatory damages claimed totaled $3.5 million for property damage and business interruption. After a five-day trial, the jury entered a verdict of only $2,655 against our client.
  • Successfully defended a gas and oilfield production automation client in a property damage subrogation case in which the alleged damages exceeded $11 million, against a claim that their onsite work had interfered with the emergency shutdown system at a gas compression facility.
  • Obtained summary judgment in favor of a property management company and a grocery store in a slip and fall personal injury action. The court held that the plaintiff's fall was caused by a natural accumulation of ice and that defendants owed her no duty.
  • Jury verdict in favor of the defendant, the prime contractor on a municipal construction project. The plaintiff sought more than $3.5 million for spinal injuries he suffered when he fell into an unguarded excavation.