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Betsy A. Ingraham

Betsy A. Ingraham


CT – Hartford area
T: 860.413.2714 | F: 860.413.2801


Betsy is an experienced civil litigator with substantial trial experience in complex, high exposure cases. She has tried more than 20 cases to verdict in both Connecticut state and federal court, arguing multiple cases before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the Connecticut Supreme and Appellate Courts.

In addition to general civil litigation, Betsy has experience defending municipalities and their employees against liability lawsuits and claims. She specializes in federal civil rights lawsuits against police officers alleging excessive force and false arrest. She also handles constitutional claims such free speech, due process and equal protection claims.

Betsy has extensive experience defending federal statutory lawsuits asserting violations of Title VII, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Rehabilitation Act. In state court, Betsy has defended a wide variety of tort claims against municipalities, often involving multiple fatalities or serious injuries. These lawsuits arose from highly publicized events such as police shootings, residential fires, drownings on public property and motor vehicle accidents with public works vehicles, as well as claims of assault, defamation, false light and premises liability.


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