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Eileen is a seasoned litigator with more than 30 years of experience in the state and federal courts. She concentrates her practice on lender liability defense and complex commercial litigation, as well as the defense of personal injury and damages claims. Specifically, Eileen defends environmental, construction, premises liability and products liability. She has successfully handled all phases of litigation including mediation, trials and appeals for corporations, partnerships, insurance companies and individuals.

Eileen is a current member of Litchfield Cavo LLP’s Executive Committee.


  • Obtained dismissal on jurisdictional grounds on behalf of our construction client following a motor vehicle accident involving its employee; our attorneys argued the testimony offered by Plaintiff’s orthopedic expert was too speculative and could not establish that her alleged damages were a result of the accident, and the Court agreed.
  • Obtained summary judgment on behalf of a rideshare driver in a single-vehicle negligence case; the Court held that without expert testimony, the plaintiff could not establish the incident was the cause of her injuries.
  • Obtained favorable summary judgment for a luxury apartment owner and management company client wherein Plaintiff, a resident of client’s complex, alleged negligence, breach of the warranty of habitability, breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment, breach of contract and violation of M.G.L. c. 93 after allegedly suffering respiratory symptoms due to air-borne mold in her unit; the Superior Court granted summary judgment on behalf of our client for all five counts
  • Obtained favorable summary judgment on a construction accident matter wherein plaintiff, an employee retained through our remediation specialist client, was struck in the head by a bucket lift resulting in closed head injuries; our attorneys’ argued that the waiver was unambiguous and enforceable, and that by its terms, the plaintiff was precluded from filing suit against the defendant, thereby dismissing plaintiff’s claims against our client