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Lyndsey Bechtel

Lyndsey Bechtel


NY – New York
T: 212.792.9775 | F: 212.434.0105

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Lyndsey’s practice involves defending a variety of claims, including bodily injury, malpractice, contract disputes, property damage, labor and employment related claims. She litigates in New York and New Jersey, defending a variety of businesses, special interest groups, banks, credit unions, property owners, municipalities, manufacturers and professionals.

Lyndsey has additional experience with transactional and environmental law. Prior to entering private practice, she worked for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), advising members of the regulated community on environmental compliance.

Lyndsey is a current member of Litchfield Cavo LLP’s COVID-19 Resource Team.


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