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Lionel F. Rivera

Lionel F. Rivera


FL – Fort Lauderdale
T: 954.689.3000 | F: 954.689.3001


Lionel’s practice is primarily devoted to representing insurers in first-party and third-party insurance coverage matters. In the first-party context, Lionel litigates and provides advice for the property damage of commercial and residential properties, apartments and condominiums. He has experience with claims arising from a broad spectrum of alleged causes of loss, including hurricane/windstorm, water release and intrusion, fire, collapse, sinkhole and catastrophic ground cover collapse.

Lionel has litigated and advised insurer clients in third-party claims regarding commercial general liability, directors and officers, errors and omissions and environmental policies. Lionel’s liability coverage work has encompassed a variety of underlying claims, including those arising out of pollution, asbestos, construction defects, workplace injuries, trademark infringement and negligent security.


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