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Illinois Attorney Summarizes EEOC Law Considerations During COVID-19

As stay in place orders necessitated by COVID-19 are being lifted in many states, the next step for employers is navigating new safety measures while transitioning their employees back to their workplace. In this current Litchfield Alert, Chicago attorney Victoria E. Vanderschaaf discusses the guidance offered by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on this issue.

In her alert, Victoria identifies how the EEOC is recommending employers test their employees for COVID-19 in a way that remains consistent with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). These steps include using proper considerations when taking employees’ temperatures, and what to do if an employee presents COVID-19 symptoms. Victoria also addresses the issue of reasonable accommodations and the different angles from which an employer can approach tackling new or challenging requests. To read this Litchfield Alert, please click here.

Victoria focuses her practice primarily in employment and labor law, and also is a participant of Litchfield Cavo’s COVID-19 Resource Team. Victoria previously co-authored, “New COVID-19 Response Bill Expands FMLA.” To learn more about Victoria or the Employment and Labor practice, please message her at or view her web bio.