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At A Glance

Litchfield Cavo LLP is a premier coverage and litigation defense law firm founded in 1998 on one principle—client service comes first. Our Firm is built on integrity and our attorneys’ reputations for professionalism and communication. Collectively our attorneys form a nationwide resource with diligent individuals providing responsive service and reasonable billing practices that clients trust and consistently reward with referrals.

Reputation for Excellence

Litchfield Cavo attorneys harness wisdom accumulated by collaborating in a dynamic, nationwide environment to deliver results to our represented clients. Our experienced trial attorneys are proven, powerful advocates and counselors and widely recognized among insurers, self-insured entities and the legal community for their nationwide reach and ability to deliver favorable results based on:

  • Accessibility to foster long-term relationships with clients
  • Courtroom skill with a proven success record as trial attorneys
  • Adaptability through preparation
  • Innovative strategies to deliver solutions for complex issues

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute.”
– Thurgood Marshall

Litchfield Cavo’s reputation in the legal community is a direct result of the excellence of our lawyers and the commitment of all of our employees. Our strength lies in the work ethic of all of our people and the diverse experiences which they bring to our firm. The diversity of our firm is something to be emphasized and celebrated.

While we are proud of the diversity of our firm, we realize that there is always more work to do in order for us to realize our goals of diversity, equality and inclusion. Recent events in our country shine a light on the need for all of us to acknowledge our differences while still protecting the liberties and values of all citizens. As lawyers, we should strive to be leaders in making the legal community, and our country as a whole, a more diverse, inclusive and accepting place. Our lawyers have a long history of giving back to our communities through pro bono activity and it is our intention and goal to formalize and expand our pro bono efforts in the communities where we practice.

Litchfield Cavo stands for diversity, equity and inclusion of all individuals both within our organization and beyond. Racism, bigotry and unfair application of our laws have no place in a civil society.

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Litchfield Cavo operates nationwide in offices across the country. To view the most current list of offices and our attorneys’ court admissions, or connect with an attorney please use the Contact link at the top of the page.

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Litchfield Cavo operates out of 23 offices, serving clients in more than 35 states nationwide. Contact your local office to find the best attorney to handle your case.

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