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Illinois Attorneys Obtain Summary Judgment on All Counts In Defamation Claim

Chicago attorneys Thomas M. Crawford and Paul A. Ruscheinski successfully obtained summary judgment on all counts in the Northern District of Illinois for their clients. The complaint alleged defamation, conspiracy and aiding and abetting of both defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Tom and Paul convincingly argued that material facts proffered by plaintiff were inadmissible hearsay and not permitted for consideration at the summary judgment stage. The Northern District Court of Illinois agreed and held that no reasonable jury could find that find that any defamatory statements were made. The court also held that inclusion of the firms’ clients in email communications could not lead to an inference that the clients assisted any tortious conduct. Based on the paucity of admissible evidence, the Court explained that it was improper to assume, or rely on mere speculation, and held that summary judgment was warranted as to the conspiracy claim.

Tom is a litigator and a trial attorney and he regularly handles multi-million exposures in all types of commercial and civil litigation in state and federal courts across the country. He represents clients in a broad range of matters including business litigation, construction, insurance coverage, products liability and professional liability.

Paul defends clients against claims involving asbestos, benzene and mold and has extensive experience handling construction, premises and products liability claims as well as auto/trucking matters. Paul’s legal practice also includes employment and business liability matters assisting clients with corporate and commercial litigation.

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