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Litchfield Cavo Identified by Clients as a Firm “Punching Way Above Their Weight”

Litchfield Cavo LLP was included among the list of Midsize Law Firms Punching Way Above Their Weight, per BTI Consulting Group‘s June 9, 2021, report. According to their Mad Clientist survey, Litchfield Cavo was identified among a select group of law firms “punching way above their weight class.”

The recently released BTI client survey identifies top midsize and smaller law firms that are “bringing the same level of confidence and reliability as the big firms.” Firm clients reported on excellent client service and “exceeding expectations of the most demanding clients in the world.” According to the report, clients shared law firm characteristics, including being “quick with an opinion” and “skilled and empathetic listeners,” as well as “make deep connections” and “understand how to help,” and, further “know their way around the issues” plus “get things done”.

BTI Group stated, the recognized firms “prove client service savvy still sits at the epicenter of client relationships — no matter how big or small the firm.” BTI Group benchmarks how Fortune 1000 companies buy, how professional services firms sell, and how to manage service provider performance. BTI clients range from small partnerships to Fortune 10 organizations—and virtually everything in between. BTI works with market leaders in major professions including: Law, Accounting, Engineering, Management Consulting, Technology Consulting, Economic Consulting, Environmental Consulting, Design, and Private Equity.

Please visit this link to learn about Litchfield Cavo’s acknowledgment in BTI’s client survey.