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Connecticut Partner Obtains Favorable Result in Employment Discrimination Case

Simsbury Partner Jacqueline A. Maulucci obtained a favorable result of no reasonable cause during a fact-finding conference before the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO).

In this dispute, a former employee of our client alleged that they were harassed and intimidated during their employment, and was constructively discharged. Complainant claimed that our client assigned them a task that required them to perform significantly more work than their older co-workers. Complainant refused the assignment and alleged that our client suspended them for insubordination for one day without pay. Subsequently, Complainant resigned from their position and filed a complaint with the CHRO.

At the conference, Jacqueline presented evidence that Complainant was not harassed, was not suspended and voluntarily resigned without ever having complained about any alleged discriminatory treatment. Further, our attorney demonstrated that work assignments were based on seniority in tenure/experience—not age. The CHRO agreed with Jacqueline and issued a decision that there is no reasonable cause to believe that a discriminatory practice was committed, and ruled in favor of our client.

Jacqueline represents employers and companies against actions alleging discrimination brought by individuals in the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. She also defends personal injury actions and claims that are brought against companies and individuals, such as claims against medical professionals and medical staff.