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Connecticut Partner Obtains Dismissal in Employment Discrimination Case

Simsbury partner Jacqueline A. Maulucci obtained dismissal of a Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) case involving a former employee alleging discrimination by their employer.

The dispute involved a former employee who had allegedly been discriminated against by our client, a community nonprofit behavioral health organization, based on their claimed disability and religion, and for taking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Our client maintained the Complainant had been terminated for legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons based upon serious policy infractions and violation of scope of care standards.

Complainant’s counsel filed the complaint with the CHRO, a state agency, which receives complaints and gives respondents the opportunity to file answers. In the vast majority of cases, the CHRO decides to continue the investigation after the answer is filed. In this case, following the CHRO’s review of the complaint, Jacqueline’s answer and supporting defense exhibits, the CHRO submitted their decision to dismiss the case outright, which is rare, in June 2021. Within their written decision, the CHRO specifically cited that there was “no reasonable possibility that investigating the complaint will result in a finding of reasonable cause” that our client discriminated against the Complainant.

Jacqueline represents employers and companies against actions alleging discrimination brought by individuals in the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. She also focuses her legal practice on defending personal injury actions, and represents companies and individuals with a focus on defending claims against medical professionals. Jacqueline also has extensive experience defending actions involving premises liability and automobile accidents.