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Florida Attorneys Win Summary Judgment in US District Court

Litchfield Cavo attorneys Geralyn M. Passaro, Angela Swenka and Morgan F. Spector prevailed on a summary judgment motion in a products liability case. In Stevenson v. Cyprus Amax Minerals Co., et al., the plaintiff claimed that the decedent’s mesothelioma was caused by regular exposure to baby powder containing asbestos-contaminated talc and talcum powders. Our attorneys argued that our client, a talc supplier, was not liable as the short-term supplier of talc used for the baby powder.

As this case was nearing trial, the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida granted summary judgment in favor of our client. In a very strong decision, the US District Judge found insufficient contacts and held that the Florida court lacked specific personal jurisdiction over our client, a decision which will undoubtedly assist the client in other Florida cases.

To view the US District Court Middle District of Florida dismissal order, please click here.