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Illinois Attorneys Secure Summary Judgment in Premises Liability Case  

Chicago Attorneys Thomas M. Crawford and Bryan E. Curry obtained a motion for summary judgment on behalf of our clients, a condominium association owner and their retained property management company, in a premises liability case filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Plaintiff, a condo resident, alleged that she suffered an eye injury after swimming in the pool on our clients’ property. Plaintiff claimed that unsafe water chemistry and excessive chlorine levels in the pool caused her injury.

Tom and Bryan argued that our clients fulfilled their duty of reasonable care to provide a safe swimming environment by hiring a licensed pool-care company to test the pool’s water chemistry. Our attorneys presented undisputed evidence that established the pool equipment was in working order. The pool servicing vendor testified that the water chemistry was tested twice on the alleged date of exposure and found that the chlorine and pH levels were within the industry-established ranges for safe swimming. In addition, the medical evidence from Plaintiff’s doctor demonstrated that her eye condition was related to an unrelated underlying condition, eviscerating any claim of proximate cause. In November 2022, the Court granted summary judgment in favor of our clients.

Tom represents companies and individuals in a broad range of matters including business litigation, construction, insurance coverage, products liability and professional liability. He regularly handles multi-million exposures in all types of commercial and civil litigation in state and federal courts across the country.

Bryan defends large and small businesses, and individual clients in complex cases such as catastrophic personal injuries, wrongful death claims, commercial disputes and employment litigation. He has litigated intellectual property and insurance coverage disputes at the trial court and appellate levels.