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Litchfield Cavo Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Subcommittees Announced for 2020-2021

Litchfield Cavo LLP is proud to announce the Diversity & Inclusion Committee appointments and the Firm’s Associate Subcommittee for 2020-2021. Simsbury, Conn. partner Kathleen F. Adams was elected to serve as the Diversity & Inclusion Chair, succeeding Fort Lauderdale, Fla. partner Geralyn M. Passaro in the role she has spearheaded since 2018. Chicago, Ill. attorney Inessa S. Holly continues in her role as associate subcommittee lead, and is joined by nine other associates, including four new subcommittee members.

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee began in 2018 under the direction of Geralyn, and has since grown to its current total of 33 members. Both the Committee and the Associate Subcommittee are illustrative of the Firm’s growth of diversity membership among attorneys across the Firm’s 22 offices.

Litchfield Cavo is dedicated to creating an environment with greater equality, greater diversity and more inclusion through celebrating, acknowledging and embracing collective differences throughout the Firm and within the legal community at large. The Subcommittee offers associate perspectives on the topics presented by the Diversity & Inclusion Committee at large.

To read Litchfield Cavo’s full diversity and inclusion statement, please see our About Us page. To view the complete list of Committee members, please click here.