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Litchfield Cavo Partner Thomas Crawford Obtains Defense Verdict in Baltimore Court for Brain Injury Matter

Chicago Partner Thomas Crawford recently obtained a not guilty verdict in Baltimore City Circuit Court, Maryland for the firm’s client, Carp-Seca Corporation. Plaintiff suffered serious injuries as a result of an automobile accident when their vehicle struck a pole gate that had swung into the street and into oncoming traffic. The gate was allegedly part of the renovation of two ballfields and a soccer field owned by The City of Baltimore (“City”) and Plaintiff alleged that Carp-Seca’s subcontractor installed the gate. The pole gate was located on property owned by Co-Defendant City of Baltimore. The accident occurred two years and eight months after the City assumed responsibility for the gate.

As a result of the accident, Plaintiff suffered traumatic brain injury, left upper extremity weakness and spasticity. Plaintiff was hospitalized for approximately 6 weeks and underwent a craniotomy, duroplasty and other medical procedures. After deliberations, a six-person jury returned a verdict just before Christmas finding that Carp-Seca was not liable because ofan intervening event, i.e., the City failed to install a lock and/or otherwise failed to maintain the gate. The jury found the City guilty and returned a verdict in excess of $2.5 million against the City.