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New York Partner Prevails in Multiple Suits

New York City Partner Christopher A. McLaughlin obtained three favorable decisions on behalf of our clients in the Supreme Court of New York, Queens County; the Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York County; and, the Appellate Division, Second Department.

In the first case, Plaintiff was a rear-seat passenger in our insured client’s vehicle. Our client was traveling eastbound on the Long Island Expressway when they were involved in a three-vehicle traffic collision. As a result of the collision, Plaintiff sustained injuries and filed suit against our client and the other driver. Following the incident, our partner, Chris McLaughlin, proved through our insured client’s affidavit that their vehicle was driving straight in the middle lane when the collision occurred. Chris also contended that there was a lack of contradictory evidence regarding our client’s driving from the other drivers; and therefore, our client could not be found negligent as a matter of law. In June 2024, the Supreme Court of New York, Queens County, agreed with our partner’s arguments and granted summary judgment in favor of our client.

The next case involves Plaintiff’s refusal to voluntarily discontinue an action brought in the State of New York against our New Jersey resident client. Plaintiff claims our insured driver client struck their vehicle while driving on Route 278 in the State of New Jersey. In court, Chris McLaughlin, argued that the motion papers showed that our defendant was not served in New York, did not work in New York and had no contacts in New York, making jurisdiction in New York improper. Our partner also argued on behalf of our client that the statute of limitations had expired in New Jersey, leaving Plaintiff without a forum to pursue their case in the State of New Jersey. In June 2024, the Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York County, agreed with our partner and granted our Motion to Dismiss for lack of jurisdiction, ruling in favor of our client.

In the final case, Plaintiff claimed their vehicle was struck in the rear by our insured client’s vehicle while stopped at a red light. Following the collision, Plaintiff identified our defendant’s vehicle by its license plate, and claimed they had left the scene of the accident. The lower court denied our partner’s Motion for Summary Judgment, and subsequently, Chris McLaughlin appealed to the Appellate Division, Second Department. For this Appeal, Chris McLaughlin submitted sufficient evidentiary proof including affidavits, photos of our client’s vehicle and the certified police report that established our defendant’s vehicle was not involved in the accident. Our defendant submitted an affidavit swearing that both they and their vehicle were at their home in New Jersey, and nowhere near the location of the accident at the time of the collision. Our partner also submitted evidence that the vehicle involved in the accident did not resemble the size, make or color of our client’s vehicle based on the description Plaintiff provided the police at the scene of the accident. In June 2024, our partner received a copy of the Appellate Court’s decision granting the appeal in favor of our client and dismissing the case.

Chris focuses his practice on automobile/trucking liability, general negligence, premises liability, legal malpractice, property damage, construction defects, labor law and business litigation. He has tried many cases to verdict, written and argued numerous appeals, and participated in many mediations and arbitrations.