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NY Attorneys Sapon and L’Homme Secure Dismissal in Asbestos/Toxic Tort, Wrongful Death Suit

Litchfield Cavo attorneys Andrew Sapon and Michael R. L’Homme prevailed on a summary judgment motion in a toxic tort, wrongful death case. Our New York attorneys’ favorable dismissal of claims involved exposure to asbestos through the use of cosmetic talcum powder. Plaintiff claimed the decedent’s personal use of powder over the course of decades was the primary cause of her mesothelioma. Andy and Mike successfully argued that our client was not liable as successor to the exclusive supplier of the talc used in the powder.

Our attorneys’ experience defending this mass tort case has national implications. Mike has extensive knowledge in successfully defending general liability and toxic tort claims, drafted the brief. Andy, with more than 20 years of experience defending asbestos cases, successfully argued the motion.