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Pennsylvania Attorney Prevails in Case, Allowing Festival to Proceed

Pittsburgh attorney Paul D. Svirbel recently prevailed in the Beaver County Court of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania on behalf of a nonprofit client while defending against a request for a preliminary injunction.

Plaintiff, a similar nonprofit organization in Pennsylvania, alleged that our client was wrongfully withholding certain items, primarily consisting of funds held in certificates of deposit that allegedly belonged to Plaintiff. Plaintiff filed a request for injunctive relief demanding that all of our client’s bank accounts and equipment be taken away from our client. The property at issue was vital to our client’s ability to hold its annual cultural heritage festival, and Plaintiff’s request was submitted immediately prior to our client’s festival.  Without their funds and related property, our client would not have been able to hold its festival.

At the hearing in August 2022, our attorney Paul Svirbel contended that Plaintiff’s request was legally improper for a number of reasons. The Court agreed with our attorney and denied Plaintiff’s request, enabling our client to access their funds and equipment that allowed their festival to proceed.

Paul focuses his legal practice in the areas of general liability, premises liability, insurance coverage, and employment and labor law. His representative experience includes a variety of contractors, developers and insurance companies.