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Chicago Partners Obtain Not Guilty Verdict for Client in Dental Malpractice Matter

James E. Abbott and Paul A. Ruscheinski received a not guilty verdict on behalf of their client, a dentist, in a medical malpractice case that was tried June 2-9, 2015 in the Circuit Court of Cook County.  Plaintiff claimed that the dentist surgically placed several dental implants in the front of her mouth that subsequently became infected, resulting in their failure and the removal of the implants, as well as severe bone loss at the implant sites.  Plaintiff argued that the dentist negligently failed to treat periodontal disease before the implant surgery, failed to obtain informed consent for the surgery, and improperly placed the implants immediately after extracting her teeth.  The defense asserted that the implants were properly placed, plaintiff was a good candidate for immediate implant placement, and informed consent was obtained.  The jury deliberated for 30 minutes in finding for the dentist.