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Law360 Article Features Litchfield Cavo’s Georgia Office Relocation

In a Law360 article published on April 28, 2022, Local Office Managing Partner John H. Goselin, II, discussed the relocation of Litchfield Cavo LLP’s Atlanta office. John is quoted in the article discussing the exciting future of the Firm’s Georgia location and reason for the move.

The Firm’s Atlanta office has reached its capacity since first opening its doors in 2016 with a team of three attorneys. The new office includes seven partner offices, four associate attorney offices, two conference rooms and space for paralegals and additional staff.

“There wasn’t really an option in our current building to expand the space, so we identified some new space that allows us to bring in additional lateral partners, bring in additional associates as those opportunities arise, whether that’s in six months or a year and a half, who knows? But that gives us an opportunity to grow,” said Goselin.

The new Georgia office is located near Truist Park, which Goselin said will be beneficial for hosting visitors “It’s a great location with clients,” Goselin stated. “I mean, 81 days out of the year a baseball game is going on, so it can sometimes get crowded on those days, but on the other 280 days out of the year, it’s great.”

Goselin also shared that the Firm is currently seeking lateral partners to join the Atlanta office. “We’re actively looking for partners who have good books of business that we believe will mesh with what we already do.”

As of Monday, May 2, 2022, the Firm’s new Atlanta office address is 2100 Riveredge Pkwy, Suite 1200, Atlanta, GA 30328.

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