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Litchfield Cavo Co-Sponsors Crittenden Medical Insurance Conference

Litchfield Cavo LLP will co-sponsor the annual Crittenden Medical Insurance Conference, hosted by Crittenden Research, Inc., being held September 21-23 in San Diego, California. During the event, Chicago Partner James D. Sloan will join a panel discussion on the topic, “Telling the Compelling Care Story and Modernizing Medical Demonstratives in Jury Trials.” Other partners who are attending this conference includes Jim Abbott, Paul Ruscheinski and Joe Sullivan.

This conference includes 18 educational sessions over two-and-a-half days, led by prominent medical insurance executives who have the experience, the credentials and up-to-date details to provoke thought leadership, bridge the information between the insurance industry and its members, and advance their knowledge. In addition to opening and closing keynote presentations, several events will be held providing peers and leaders networking opportunities.

This conference has become a recognized platform where industry members are given tools to assist them in today’s ever-changing market. Attendees include healthcare executives, healthcare providers, doctors, insurance executives, risk management consultants, underwriters, brokers, and healthcare administrators.

Crittenden Research, Inc. is a leading source of forecast and analysis on insurance, financial markets and real estate, and has members nationwide. Since 1972, Crittenden Research has provided its members with strategies that can keep them and their companies ahead of the competition. To learn more about Crittenden Research, click here. To learn more about the Medical Insurance Conference, click here.