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Utah Attorneys Victorious in Malpractice Jury Trial

Salt Lake City attorneys Kurt M. Frankenburg and Greg Soderberg received a unanimous jury verdict following a three week jury trial in the Fourth District Court, Provo, Utah. Throughout the trial, Kurt and Greg were assisted each day by paralegal Adrianna Hebard.

Kurt and Greg represented two doctors in a medical malpractice defense case with a plaintiff’s demand in excess of $3 million. The case involved the estate of a 41-year old mother of four after the woman was found by a hospital nurse in her hospital room, face down in full PEA (pulseless electrical activity) cardiac arrest. The two doctors attended to the plaintiff and was alleged to have failed to diagnose her severe anemia and consequent lung injuries, ultimately causing her death.

During trial Kurt and Greg argued that the doctors appropriately treated the woman’s chronic iron deficiency anemia, pneumonia, and blood transfusion reaction.

Wrongful death trials are rare in Utah, due to Utah law that there is no cap on non-economic damages in wrongful death cases.

Kurt’s practice includes medical malpractice as well as defense of insurance carriers in bad faith claims and medical facilities, and professionals in medical malpractice claims. He has represented the Utah Medical Association in state and federal court matters, and has advised hospital networks on legal and risk management issues.

Greg’s practice includes defense litigation with a concentration in medical and dental negligence, premises and auto liability, construction, and employment cases.