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Texas Attorney Prevails at Trial for Plumbing Service Client

Dallas-Fort Worth Attorney Kaitlin Palmarozzi obtained a favorable result in the Gregg County Justice of the Peace Court on behalf of our plumbing service client in a case that involves claims of negligence and property damage.

Our client, who specializes in plumbing repairs, maintenance, installations and replacements for residential homes, filed suit against their client, a homeowner couple, after working on the pipes in their vintage home. After completing the work at their home, our client sought compensation for their services and Defendant couple refused payment. Our client then filed suit against Defendants for the work performed, plus costs and attorneys’ fees. Defendants filed a counterclaim against our client alleging negligence and property damage related to a minor water leak from a hot water heater our client installed.

With less than a week to prepare for trial, Plaintiff/Counter-Defendant elicited testimony from Defendants/Counter-Plaintiffs admitting several invoices were outstanding and past due. With regard to the counterclaim, Plaintiff/Counter-Defendant successfully argued the counterclaim was not properly filed, and thus, was not within the Court’s jurisdiction.

In March 2023, the Court granted our client the full amount requested, plus attorneys’ fees, and determined that the counterclaim was not properly brought before the Court.

Kaitlin handles matters involving consumer and commercial debt collection, and a variety of complex civil litigation. She also handles general liability, premises liability and construction liability resulting from defect claims, as well as transportation, personal injury, workers’ compensation and breach of contract claims.