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Illinois Attorneys Achieve Summary Judgment in Medical Professional Liability Case

Chicago attorneys Lawrence R. Stolberg and Natalie J. Eschbach recently obtained summary judgment in the Illinois First Judicial Circuit Court of Union County on behalf of our clients, both the administrator and management company of a nursing home.

Plaintiff, the son of the patient/decedent, claimed that the patient fell at the nursing home allegedly managed by our client that resulted in the patient sustaining a fractured jaw and, ultimately, required surgery. Plaintiff alleges that this incident contributed to the patient’s death, and also caused an abundance of medical expenses for the patient.

Our attorneys argued that Plaintiff’s medical expert failed to provide the necessary proximate cause opinions to support the claims against the nursing home administrator and alleged management company. Additionally, our attorneys contended that Plaintiff had failed to establish any violation of the standard of care allegedly attributable to our clients.

After a full briefing and hearing, in November 2021, the Court granted our attorneys’ Motion for Summary Judgment. The case will continue to trial against the remaining nursing home facility; however, due to our attorneys’ obtaining summary judgment, the alleged management company and administrator clients are no longer parties to the litigation.

Larry has more than 30 years of experience as a trial attorney, successfully trying a number of cases to verdict. He focuses his practice on the defense of bodily injury claims including defense litigation on behalf of nursing homes, and medical malpractice claims. Larry also has extensive experience defending general liability, premises liability, trucking and construction claims.

Natalie handles numerous matters involving professional medical malpractice. She has additional experience with complex litigation and catastrophic personal injury cases, as well as premises liability claims. Natalie also focuses her legal practice on products and construction liability, in addition to trucking liability claims.