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DEI Spotlight

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Spotlight: Jacqueline A. Maulucci, Partner

As a child, I argued with everyone—usually over things that had nothing to do with me. I even felt compelled to defend my sister for some reason when she was sentenced to a “time out.” I was often asked, “What are you, her lawyer?” I finally was able to respond, “Yes!” after earning my law degree and passing the bar almost fourteen years ago.

Relatively speaking, 2008 was not that long ago, but feels a lifetime has passed in terms of my personal development as an attorney, and in societal changes that have taken place.

Like most new lawyers, I lacked the confidence that comes with experience. The lack of self-assurance can be isolating when embarking on any chosen career, but I kept the constant fears of doing or saying the wrong thing to myself so others would not sense any insecurity.

Luckily, I had an amazing mentor who was patient and understanding. He shared his time and his knowledge, and was confident in me before I was confident in myself. He talked me through my mistakes and guided me through not only the legal work, but also in marketing and client development. His mentorship at a time very early in my career provided me with years of professional experience beyond my own.

It was not until I joined Litchfield Cavo that I realized the value of mentorship among women attorneys. There is no denying that women in the legal profession face a unique set of challenges. Every woman in this profession has been treated differently than male counterparts simply because they are a woman. Having a mentor was crucial when starting my career, but having a community of women at Litchfield Cavo to discuss shared experiences has been invaluable. Because of the mentorship of women at this Firm, I am better prepared to address the inequalities we face in our field and better armed to work on strategies to combat bias. And since becoming a mother, I have received countless pieces of invaluable and sage advice on achieving the ever-elusive work-life balance.

Female mentorship, and ultimately valued friendships, undoubtedly played a major factor in my elevation to partner. While the start of a career can be lonely, finding the right village empowered me to realize my own value and strive every day to be a person that other women and other attorneys can approach as either a sounding board or a sympathetic ear.

Every day I am proud of what I have accomplished in my career, but the definition of success for me is being in a position at Litchfield Cavo where I can help guide developing lawyers along their own path and pay forward the kindness and the wisdom shared with me over the years.

Jacqueline A. Maulucci, Partner