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Law360 Article Highlights Litchfield Cavo’s New Kansas City Office

Law360 recently published an article highlighting our Firm’s Kansas City, MO, office. In the April 5, 2022, article, Litchfield Cavo’s Managing Partner John J. Jarosak discussed the Firm’s newest office and the decision to expand our presence in the Midwest.

As part of the publication’s regular “Office Snapshot” feature, Jarosak states, “We are anticipating some rapid growth with that office.” He continues, “We’re expecting to be able to accommodate more than double the current office population over the span of the lease and we expect to be aggressively growing and expanding our footprint in both Kansas and Missouri.” Within the article, Jarosak also shares details about our new location’s three founding partners, Brian G. Boos, Michael L. Brown and Kelvin J. Fisher. He also discusses the growth that has already taken place in the Kansas City office, and future plans for the new location. Law360 subscribers can view the full article, “Litchfield Cavo’s New Kansas City Outpost,” by visiting this link. Please click here for more details about Litchfield Cavo LLP’s new Kansas City office.

Law360 is a subscription-based legal news service published by Portfolio Media, Inc. Law360 is considered a must-have resource by the largest law firms in the United States and around the world, in-house counsel at major corporations and key decision-makers in the government sector.