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Louisiana Counsel Summarizes State’s Civil Justice Reform Act of 2020 in Litchfield Alert

On June 30, 2020, the Louisiana Legislature passed the Civil Justice Reform Act of 2020. The Act is a response to a longtime complaint from Louisiana business owners and insurers regarding automobile insurance rates. In a new Litchfield Alert, Mandeville counsel Erin F. Lorio summarizes the key provisions of the Act.

In her alert, “Louisiana Legislature Enacts Civil Justice Reform Act of 2020,” Erin walks through new changes put forward in the Act. These changes include reducing the jury threshold, revisions to the Louisiana Code of Evidence and modification of the collateral source rule, among others. To read Erin’s complete Litchfield Alert, please click here.

Erin specializes in commercial, transaction and civil defense litigation. She has defended national and international corporations, small business owners and insurance carriers throughout Louisiana in state and federal courts. To learn more about Erin’s practice, please visit her web bio.