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Insurance Coverage


Litchfield Cavo insurance coverage attorneys deliver the best possible coverage assessments by carefully scrutinizing policy language and the facts pursuant to applicable law in a straightforward manner.

Our attorneys analyze coverage and advise clients when navigating the increasingly dangerous extra-contractual environment, including counseling on insurance policies for areas such as first- and third-party, primary and excess, life, professional liability and reinsurance.

Coverage Determination

Since 1998, Litchfield Cavo attorneys have been at the forefront of major coverage developments. Our attorneys provide practical approaches to the resolution of coverage disputes. Our nationwide team of experienced coverage attorneys provide prompt, meaningful advice.

Our clients continue to rely on our breadth of experience for drafting new policy language and evaluating compliance with statutory requirements.

Our Insurance Coverage Record

Litchfield Cavo attorneys defend the insurer’s coverage decisions in conference rooms, during trial, at the appellate courts and before arbitration panels across the country. Our attorneys have a solid record of success in insurance coverage litigation.  The following are some representative matters:

  • Successfully defended insurer clients respecting coverage for municipal liability for civil rights claims for wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution.
  • Obtained summary judgment involving application of the family exclusion in a homeowner’s policy where children sued stepfather’s estate for murder/suicide of their mother.
  • Defense of insurance company against bad faith claims for not “splitting” a file, notwithstanding the insurer’s unreserved acceptance of the tender of defense.
  • Monitored defense counsel in multi-plaintiff cases alleging violations of Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA).
  • Coordinated with other national coverage counsel to address concussion-related litigation against the National College Athletic Association (NCAA), helmet manufacturers and other entities.
  • Assisted with resolution of hundreds of property claims arising from hurricanes in southern and southeastern states.
  • Obtained summary judgment and favorable state appellate rulings relating to trigger of coverage for wrongful incarceration cases, overruling adverse federal decisions and avoiding multimillion dollar exposure.
  • Obtained summary judgment on the duty to defend a complex intellectual property case involving over $6 million in claimed defense costs.