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Officers and directors are increasingly targeted for their actions, or alleged failures to act, in a wide variety of contexts. In conjunction with our professional liability practice, Litchfield Cavo attorneys defend corporate executives, board officers, directors, practice executives and business entities when sued in civil actions by their shareholders and investors, limited partners or other interested third parties.

Our professional and management liability attorneys understand these unique circumstances and defend clients against theories such as negligence, mismanagement, breach of fiduciary duty, bad faith and claims fraud. Their litigation experience includes staying up to date on the proliferating number of federal and state statutory remedies in securities law, civil rights law, dispute resolution, environmental law, or food and drug laws.

Our D&O Liability Record

  • Defense of director of Savings and Loan Association that was sued by various entities after the failure of that institution
  • Defense of a class action brought against the directors and officers of a major accounting firm by investors in certain ventures that failed including the construction of refineries nationally
  • Defense of directors of a law firm accused of breach of fiduciary duty and mismanagement by a former shareholder
  • Defense of directors of a major manufacturing company sued by its former president who had been dismissed

Litchfield Cavo attorneys nationwide may also act as coverage counsel in connection with claims under primary and excess policies to analyze whether coverage exists for officers, directors or business entities sued in such litigation.