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Dallas-Fort Worth Attorneys Secure a Nonsuit Through Non-Party Discovery

Litchfield Cavol LLP’s Dallas-Fort Worth attorneys S. Jan Hueber, Brenda F. Hasenzahl and Jonathan W. Cheung obtained a significant defense win on behalf of its client, an international fire protection and suppression company. The client was named a Defendant in a water damages lawsuit that arose from an alleged leak resulting in a claimed total loss of a multi-story commercial building. Plaintiff alleged the leak was due to the Defendant’s improper and faulty installation of the sprinkler system piping.

Jan, Brenda and Jonathan developed an aggressive defense and thorough investigations strategy during the discovery process that included a possibility that a third-party company, not included in the suit, may have been the intervening cause.

As part of our attorneys’ investigation, non-party discovery was served, along with document subpoenas. This tactic revealed acts of misconduct by the commercial property owner, documented by the non-party that the commercial property owner’s actions were the direct cause for the leak and all damages.

Upon the discovery of relevant documentation, our client was nonsuited within one business day. Our client expressed satisfaction with our attorneys’ aggressive pre-trial discovery strategy that resulted in a nonsuit and significant legal savings to their company.

Jan is a partner at the Firm and represents entities involved in all aspects of commercial and corporate litigation and actively defends toxic tort, construction defect, medical malpractice, premises and products liability. She also litigates commercial trucking transportation claims in both federal and state courts.