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Litchfield Cavo Hosts Firm-wide Programs for International Women’s Day

In recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019, the women of Litchfield Cavo gathered across the country to celebrate their achievements, mentor the next generation and work towards a #BalanceforBetter.

The “Lunch and Learn” programs were unique to each office and offered the opportunity for the partners to discuss their experiences, provide career advice, answer questions and generally discuss topics specific to women attorneys in the law. Our California office extended an invitation to a male partner as well, in appreciation for his excellent mentorship contributions.

Litchfield Cavo recognizes and celebrates the unique talents and achievements brought by our female attorneys. Thank you to the Diversity & Inclusion Committee for organizing a wonderful day of celebration.

Below are photos from some of the day’s celebrations:


(1) Kathleen F. Adams, Betsy A. Ingraham, Elizabeth A. O’Donnel
(2) Ashley E. Ginsburg, Geralyn M. Passaro, Morgan F. Spector, Angela M. Swenka, Robin B. Rothman, Dana B. Schulman-Kuczynski, Krystal Acosta, Ruth A. Weiss
(3) Geralyn M. PassaroAshley E. Ginsburg, Ruth A. Weiss, Angela M. Swenka, Robin B. Rothman
(4) Angela M. Swenka, Robin B. Rothman
(5) Michele Echols, Allyson Byrd, Erin Lorio, Robin Dunford, Nancy Cundiff
(6) Angela L. Linson, Nora R. Adukonis, Tamar Lanuza Hagopian, Amelia S. Confalone, Eileen P. Kavanaugh, Bethany P. Minich, Luana DiSarra Scavone, Gayatri R. Deodhar
(7) Susan M. Kelly, Jennifer Drone
(8) Ashley D. Hobson, Stephanie Greenfield
(9) Magdalene P. Skountzos, Beth A. Saydak, Dana M. Ricci, Angela M. Stenroos, Morgan E. Mueller, Dana M. Catanzaro, Nadia Del Toro, Patricia A. Carbone, Rachel S. Trauner, Sasha J. Ensslin, Jennifer R. Loyd
(10) Ruzan Stepanyan, Alexandria K. Hobson, Elizabeth M. Sanguinetti, Mark K. Worthge
(11) Emily Hollenbeck, Brenda F. Hasenzahl
(12) Wendy Ware Bishop, Lindsey Vanorny
(13) Anh Nguyen, Tiffany M. Johnson
(14) Ellen G. Tagtmeier, Jennifer N. Chang, Bronwyn B. Tilton