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Litchfield Cavo Promotes #BalanceForBetter on International Women’s Day

Litchfield Cavo’s ongoing initiative for inclusion and equality brought together the founding members of our Diversity & Inclusion committee, and we continue to grow. In recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019, the women of Litchfield Cavo gathered in our offices across the country to celebrate their achievements, mentor the next generation and work towards a #BalanceForBetter.

The Firm held “Lunch and Learn” programs this year that were unique to each office and offered the opportunity for partners to discuss their experiences, provide career advice, answer questions and generally discuss topics of law specific to women attorneys.

Litchfield Cavo’s respect for others is based on our Firm’s core values and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Individually and collectively we strive to create a work environment to appreciate each person’s contributions to our legal communities while continuing to fostering a more diverse talent force. Our Firm looks to celebrate individual differences and ensure a welcoming environment for all.

Special thanks to the Diversity & Inclusion Committee for their ongoing contributions.

Below are photos from some of the day’s celebrations:





(1) Kathleen F. Adams, Betsy A. Ingraham, Elizabeth A. O’Donnell
(2) Ashley E. Ginsburg, Geralyn M. Passaro, Morgan F. Spector, Angela M. Swenka, Robin B. Rothman, Dana B. Schulman-Kuczynski, Krystal Acosta, Ruth A. Weiss
(3) Geralyn M. Passaro, Ashley E. Ginsburg, Ruth A. Weiss, Angela M. Swenka, Robin B. Rothman
(4) Angela M. Swenka, Robin B. Rothman
(5) Michele Echols, Allyson Byrd, Erin Lorio, Robin Dunford, Nancy Cundiff
(6) Angela L. Linson, Nora R. Adukonis, Tamar Lanuza Hagopian, Amelia S. Confalone, Eileen P. Kavanaugh, Bethany P. Minich, Luana DiSarra Scavone, Gayatri R. Deodhar
(7) Susan M. Kelly, Jennifer Drone
(8) Magdalene P. Skountzos, Beth A. Saydak, Dana M. Ricci, Angela M. Stenroos, Morgan E. Mueller, Dana M. Catanzaro, Nadia Del Toro, Patricia A. Carbone, Rachel S. Trauner, Sasha J. Ensslin, Jennifer R. Loyd
(9) Ruzan Stepanyan, Alexandria K. Hobson, Elizabeth M. Sanguinetti, Mark K. Worthge
(10) Emily Hollenbeck, Brenda F. Hasenzahl
(11) Ellen G. Tagtmeier, Jennifer N. Chang, Bronwyn B. Tilton
(12) Litchfield Cavo’s Diversity & Inclusion founding members